When I tell people I am a professional dancer, one of the first questions they have is how do you dance? One of my first answers is usually, whatever movement you can do can be dance. My high school theater teacher told me this early on. I also believe dance comes from the heart inside expressing yourself through movement of the body. So even though my body is limited in physical movement I can still feel the movement going through my body as I am dancing just like anyone else on stage. Maybe it is similar to a person who's lost an arm, but in a way can still feel it even though it's not there. So like in a dance class physically I adapt what the teacher’s teaching and learn just like any other of the dancers in the class. And in my dance classes I have taken the teachers can tell when I'm doing good or when I'm not, they can see it physically or they can sense it that I'm not getting it. Also most of the teachers and dancers I have worked with have had very little experience to none working with someone disabled and in a wheelchair. So that means too my dance training has been very similar to any other professional dancer. So within that training and my natural ability to dance from my heart, the dances I have choreographed and presented are very expressive and meaningful and touching to the audiences I have heard.